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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Sheet Metal Fence Panels

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Sheet Metal Fence Panels


What are metal privacy fence panels?

Metal privacy fence panels are primarily a steel based product that is formed into a variety of shapes and designs then used within a siding, roofing, fence or garden application. While they have been around for many years, they only recently have started to gain popularity because of their rugged toughness, fire resistance and overall low maintenance appeal.


What type of metal panel fence options exist?

The most popular metal sheet fence at the moment are called corrugated metal fence panels. This is a shape given to a flat sheet of metal that resembles a beautiful wave-like pattern that catches the eye from all directions in one smooth flowing motion. This fence style is incredibly easy to install and is a fence design that provides incredibly beautiful curb appeal. This is a great choice for any fence project that may not require fence contractors as the fencing materials are relatively minimal.

What does corrugated metal fence cost?

A lot of people ask about our cost of metal for their projects, a good choice of black metal fence that is superior to powder coated products is our residential corrugated metal fence.

Corrugated Metal Fencing In A Backyard

This corrugated fencing is superior to all wood fence as the metal braces the frame and is weather and rust proof. This is also a secure fence as it is fully private.

Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas

When it comes to modern metal fences there are a couple ways to tweak little design aspects that can make a big difference. If you are wanting more of a decorative metal fence panels you could utilize a trellis or something similarly styled with say a black metal fence panels that could really make your fence line stand out. Plenty of individuals also opt for sheet metal fence designs that can add an extra texture and overlay to existing corrugated metal fence panels providing a very modern and unique look. You may also choose to look into wrought iron fence options and wire fencing but when it comes to the tried and tested options for metal fence privacy the galvanized steel that makes up the core of the product is the most important factor.


What Makes our Corrugated Fence Panel Metal the IDEAL Product for a Fence Project?

Our corrugated metal fence panels are manufactured in a way that makes the absolutely perfect for a fence project and the best option out there due to the following reasons:

  1. The overlaps in our fence metal panels are seamless.
  2. While there is home depot metal fencing and other options we utilize a thicker gauge steel and produce our own material
  3. You can even use this as a pool fence to provide privacy and a beautiful curbside appeal

Need to Install a Metal Fence?

Read about why installing our fence panels is more straightforward than home depot metal fence panels HERE.