The BarrierBoss® Hog Wire Fencing Manufacturing Process

At BarrierBoss, we execute a backward integrated process for our hog panels. Why does this matter? It means we have more control over the quality of the hog wire products we manufacture and sell. We manufacture our fencing products in-house. We get our wood direct from a mill that is well-versed and certified in premium-grade wood. And we work all the way up the supply chain, sourcing materials only from tariff-friendly countries.

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Hog Wire Fence DIY Inspiration

Hog Wire Fencing For Interior Staircase

Interior Hog Wire

Our flagship product utilizing DualGuard™ Paint Technology
Hog Wire Fence Panels In The Backyard

Hog Wire Panels In The Backyard

Hog Wire Fence Panels To Divide The Driveway

Driveway Divider

Hog Wire Fencing For The Patio


Hog Wire Fence Panel - Protecting Plants

Wild Hog Mesh Fence

Hog Wire Fencing For The Pool

Hog Wire Fencing For The Pool

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Hog Fence Panel Manufacturing

What are Designer Hog Wire Fence Panels?

Hog wire is a heavy-duty alternative to chain link fencing. Made of powder-coated galvanized steel, this kind of fence keeps out unwanted animals. (Annually, wild hogs and deer cause over $2.5 billion in property damage.) Over time, other reasons have made this kind of fencing popular. Hog wire fencing has numerous advantages and is extremely versatile. Use it to contain livestock, secure gardens, create plant trellises, or serve as a decorative element. It has appropriate functions in both rural and urban areas.

Properties that install hog fence panels will enjoy their long lifespan. Heavy-duty galvanized wire panels with a galvanized finish are durable and weather-resistant. Beneficial in areas prone to winds or heavy snowfall.

Heavy Duty Hog Fence

Premade Hog Fence Panel Projects

Hog Wire Fence Panel - Black, Gauge 6 Heavy Duty 6' x 8' Hog Fence Panels
Hog Wire Fence Panel - Backyard
Hog Wire Fence Panels With A Dog
Hog Wire Fence Panel Guarding A Backyard
Hog Wire Fence Panels In A Yard

Rugged Beauty

If you are looking to enhance landscape designs, you can customize residential hog wire fence panels. Use them to contribute to an industrial-chic or rustic look. The open grate design of a hog wire panel fence can integrate climbing plants or other decorative elements. Combining these benefits makes wild hog fence panels popular among homeowners, farmers, and landscapers.

Versatile Hog Fencing Applications

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Versatile Hog Fencing Applications
Premade hog fence panels

How To Install Hog Wire Fence Panels

A hogwire fencing system is affordable and easy to install: a hog wire fence is DIY friendly.

You may find lighter gauges in continuous hog wire fence rolls. However, hog wire or welded wire mesh typically comes in rigid, pre-assembled panels of various sizes. (For example, 6 ft hog wire fence panels.) Simply attach panels to fence posts and rails, and presto... wild hog panel fence DIY!

The benefit of premade hog wire fence panels is twofold: you save time and limit mistakes! This fence product's ease of maintenance saves costs too.

A Few Pro Tips:

If installing a gate, follow the same process as for the posts, ensuring the gate posts are sturdy and well-aligned. Attach gate hinges to one gate post, hang the gate, and ensure it swings freely and closes securely. Install hardware like latches.

All the best as you install a secure and functional hog wire fence with a gate. We hope these ideas will result in a design you can go hogwild over!

Hog Wire Fence Panel - Black, Gauge 6 Heavy Duty 6' x 8' Hog Fence Panels
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Measure Carefully

Plan your Layout

Ensure to account for post sizes, slope, soil type and any gates or custom sections.

Obtain Hog Panels and Posts

Source Your Materials

Have on hand concrete mix, screws/nails, gate hinges and latch, wire tensioners. Prepare tools like a post hole digger, level, hammer, saw, and drill.

Clear all Obstacles

Prepare the Ground

Use a string line to ensure that you have all your fence lines and elevations properly planned for.

Dig Post Holes

Install Posts

Ensure that your fence posts are spaced out properly to be able to accept the premade panels. Also ensure the depth is atleast 24-36".

Use Concrete

Insert Posts

Double check that the post faces are square against your string line ensuring a nice, even and straight fence line.

Use 3" Screws

Attach Hog Wire Panels

Once the concrete has set, attach the hog wire panels to the posts using screws or nails. Start at one end and use spacers to maintain a uniform distance between panels.

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