Hog Mesh Panels - Patio

7 Uses for Wild Hog Mesh Panels

Don't let the name fool you. Hog wire fencing can be used for a wide range of purposes. Their rustic beauty, strength, and design features make them extremely versatile - not just for keeping animals in or out. 

In this blog, we've rustled up seven fine hog mesh panel fence ideas for you.


Let's start with the most obvious. The durable steel construction of hog wire fence panels (wild hog panels) makes them an excellent fencing choice. Use them for perimeter fencing, front yard fences, corner lot fences, or even driveway divider fences. The open mesh design provides visibility while still defining boundaries.

Hog Wire Fence Panels With A Dog

Keep Spike And Other Furry Friends Safe!

Garden Enclosures and Trellises

Wild hog panels are perfect for creating enclosures to protect vegetable gardens or fruit gardens. It isn't just pigs you need to worry about. These panels can keep out deer or rabbits too. A hog wire cedar fence can also serve as a sturdy trellise or arbor for climbing plants, vines, roses, and creepers.

Hog Wire Mesh Panels Protecting Garden

Protect Your Garden From Uninvited Visitors

Privacy Screens and Grow Walls

What about using the mesh panels to construct living privacy screens or grow walls? The spacing and strength of the 6 gauge hog wire is fit for training vines and plants to grow on them. Obscure any undesired views while adding greenery.

Indoor Railings

The industrial yet stylish look of wild hog panels makes them suitable for indoor applications like stair railings or balcony railings, adding an open and airy feel to interior spaces.

Patio and Outdoor Dining Enclosures

Restaurants and homeowners can use movable or semi-permanent wild hog panel enclosures to define outdoor dining or patio areas with a unique, open-air design. Pre made hog wire fence panels might just be your best friend here, as they can be joined together or taken apart with relative ease. Check with a supplier like BarrierBoss to find out what hog panel dimensions there are.

Hog Wire Fencing For The Patio

Enjoy Your Beautiful Patio Safely

Side Gates and Dog Gates

The mesh panels of a hog wire wood fence, for example, can be used to create side gates or dog gates. Their construction allows visibility from the street or driveway while containing children or pets.

Plant Support Structures

With their robust steel construction, wild hog panels provide excellent support for climbing plants, vines, and vegetables in gardens.

While commonly used for deck railings, the versatility of wild hog mesh panels allows for creative applications in fencing, gardening, privacy screens, indoor railings, outdoor living spaces, and more.

While wild hog mesh panels can absolutely used for their intended purpose, it's clear that you can get quite creative in how to use these barriers.