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Choosing the Right Metal Roof Paint: PVDF vs. SMP

Is it time to replace your roof? If so, you likely have a bunch of decisions ahead of you. From selecting the right material and the best color to match, it can feel like an intimidating process. And while it is true that there are a lot of choices out there, at BarrierBoss, we think one decision is clear: Corrugated metal roofing with PVDF/ NoFade paint finish.

We know you’re asking why. Go with us on this. Have you ever noticed how more buildings are being built with steel siding and roofing? Look around, you’ll see what we see. 

More people are choosing metal roofing because of its benefits. It’s cost-effective over time (it lasts longer than more traditional roofing options). It creates flexibility in the indoor space (there is no need for interior load-bearing walls in a barndominium-style building). It looks great. And it can withstand seriously bad weather. Rain, sleet, snow, and hail—bring it because steel roofing can take it.

But, not all metal roofs are created equal. In our experience, the paint is often overlooked. The right paint finish can improve your metal roofing’s overall look and make it stronger. 

So, before you get your paintbrush out, let’s take a look at the key differences between PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and SMP (silicone-modified polyester). Knowing the what’s-what can help you see why we think PVDF and corrugated metal roofing are the best choices.

Understanding Paint Basics

The quality of the paint coating on your metal roof can influence its longevity and performance. Paint is the first defense against harsh weather elements, such as the sun’s harmful rays, rain, sleet, and snow. 

Here are some paint basics for you to know.


The pigment gives the paint its color and protects the underlying surface from UV damage. High-quality pigments also provide enhanced UV resistance, making your roof less susceptible to fading, rusting, or corrosion.


The resin acts as the binder in paint. It holds the pigment particles together and forms a protective film over the surface. The quality of the resin directly impacts the paint's strength, flexibility, and adhesion to the metal substrate. A strong resin ensures the paint remains intact and adheres firmly to the roof, giving the paint the ability to withstand tough weather conditions.


The solvent is the pigment and resin carrier. It makes it easier to apply the paint and helps it dry. Don’t worry; the solvent evaporates during the curing process. However, it plays a big role in maintaining the paint's consistency and getting the paint onto the metal surface.

Types of Paint Systems in the Metal Industry

Two prevalent paint systems dominate the metal roofing market: Silicone-Modified Polyester (SMP) and PVDF/Fluoropolymer, often recognized under the trade name Kynar 500®.

Good: Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) Paint Systems

SMP paint systems typically incorporate 30% silicone in the resin component. This results in a better initial and long-term gloss than most polyester paint systems. This silicone infusion also improves resistance to fading and chalkiness. However, SMP paint systems fall short of PVDF paint resin systems in terms of overall performance.

The way we see it, SMP systems have some big drawbacks.

  • Quality varies widely across manufacturers, depending on the pigment type. However, ceramic systems tend to outperform organic and inorganic types.
  • Due to the hardness of SMP paint, micro-fractures can occur during metal roof panel manufacturing. This exposes the base metal to the elements, potentially leading to rusting and failure.

While SMP paint systems tend to be widely utilized, they do not represent the best metal roofing finishes available today.

Better: PVDF/Fluoropolymer (Kynar 500®) Paint Systems

PVDF coatings, known by the trade name Kynar 500®, offer unmatched protection against chalk and fade. At BarrierBoss, we view PVDF, aka NoFade finish, as the gold standard in the industry. Comprised of 70% Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) in the total resin content, Kynar 500® coatings are like a chemical cousin of Teflon.

First developed in the 1960s for use on historic and monumental buildings, PVDF paint systems were exclusive to a single manufacturer. However, with time, more manufacturers began producing PVDF paint systems. This has driven down prices and made PVDF more accessible to homeowners and general contractors.

PVDF paint systems feature a softer composition than their SMP counterparts. This makes them more flexible and less prone to fracturing during panel manufacturing. Additionally, they exhibit impressive resistance to chalk, fading, and gloss retention.

PVDF Painted Metal Roof

Comparative Analysis: PVDF vs. SMP

Understanding the differences between PVDF and SMP paint systems is a must if you want the best protection and longest-lasting roof possible. To help you understand the key differences, we created this simple chart.

Paint System

Chalk Resistance

Fade Resistance

Gloss Retention

Film Integrity

Flexibility During Manufacturing

PVDC (Kynar 500®)





More Flexible






Less Flexible

Choose PVDF for Long-Term Protection

BarrierBoss exclusively utilizes PVDF paint on all our metal products, including roofing, siding, and fencing. While many competitors opt for SMP paint systems, we prioritize PVDF/ NoFade coatings. As an added bonus, we ensure full coverage by coating both sides. You’ll likely find that our competitors only paint the primary visible side. That might be fine for looks, but trust us, that second coat will strengthen the metal.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the construction of our products. The galvanized zinc content and paint thickness in BarrierBoss products exceed industry standards. We offer double the protection compared to the competition.

We can’t emphasize enough the excellent chalk resistance, resistance against fading, gloss retention, and film integrity that PVDF coatings provide. Investing in BarrierBoss products means investing in the highest quality paint and coating systems. This means a stronger roof that will last longer.

Experience the Difference - BarrierBoss Corrugated Metal Roofing with PVDF Paint

When choosing the right paint system for corrugated metal roofing, the choice between PVDF and SMP is evident. BarrierBoss's commitment to quality and sustainable roofing solutions can be seen through our exclusive use of NoFade coatings. Our metal roofing products offer unmatched strength, and they look amazing, too. 

Invest in BarrierBoss for long-lasting protection and peace of mind. We’re confident you’ll feel great about choosing a company dedicated to delivering the very best in quality, performance, and customer service. Make the smart choice for your roofing needs with BarrierBoss. We’re your trusted partner in corrugated metal roofing solutions.

Contact BarrierBoss today to learn more about our premium metal roofing options and experience the difference in quality firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best metal roof paint colors?

Choosing your metal paint color is really up to you. However, most homeowners and commercial property owners choose black, white, or galvalume. That said, besides appearance, there are other things to consider. 

  • Consider light-colored metal roof paint options such as white, gray, beige, or light silver for maximum energy efficiency. These colors reflect sunlight and heat to keep your home cooler in warm weather. 
  • At BarrierBoss, you can choose from black or galvalume, which can also be painted in your desired color. This flexibility ensures great looks and temperature control.

What is the best paint to stop condensation on a metal roof?

First, to avoid condensation accumulation on a metal roof, use proper insulation or sheeting. Without this, your roof will be prone to moisture buildup, regardless of the paint used.

This said, BarrierBoss PVDF paint contains solar-reflective pigments. This helps to cool the roofing system and reduce the transfer of heat into the structure. The result is better temperature control and fewer condensation issues. 

Does BarrierBoss provide a warranty against paint defects?

BarrierBoss offers a 40-year warranty on all metal products, provided that we finish your product for you with PVDF paint. While this is exceptionally rare, should you experience any issues with chalking, fading, rusting, or corrosion, be sure to let us know as soon as possible. 

What is the best galvanized metal roof paint?

The best paint for galvanized metal roofs is PVDF paint. Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), offers exceptional strength, excellent weather resistance, and unrivaled color retention compared to SMP paint. 

Its exceptional performance in harsh environments makes it ideal for metal roofing. PVDF paint also contains innovative solar reflective pigments. This reduces heat transfer into buildings and improves energy efficiency. 

Does BarrierBoss paint my corrugated metal roofing panels for me?

Yes, when you order corrugated metal panels from BarrierBoss, we will happily paint them for you. We do the color-batching in-house to ensure a smooth and even finish. We’ll also use our PVDF/ NoFade paint to finish both sides of your panels, giving your roof extra strength.

How long does metal roof paint last?

Metal roof paint typically lasts 30 to 40 years. This means long-term protection and gorgeous visual appeal. However, the lifespan may be shorter for colors like bright red. These exceptionally striking colors may only last around ten years as a result of fading and weathering. Choosing high-quality paint and considering factors like color intensity can help your roof last as long as possible without needing maintenance or replacement.

What is the best corrugated metal roof paint?

At BarrierBoss, we stand behind PVDF paint as the top choice. PVDF, or polyvinylidene fluoride, offers exceptional strength, weather resistance, and color retention. Additionally, PVDF paint contains innovative solar reflective pigments, reducing heat absorption and enhancing energy efficiency. 

Can you paint a galvanized metal roof?

Yes, you can paint a galvanized metal roof. Applying PVDF paint, specifically designed for metal roofing, improved the appearance and strength of galvanized metal roofs. PVDF paint adheres well to galvanized surfaces. This means excellent corrosion resistance and color retention. PVDF paint can transform a galvanized metal roof with proper preparation and application.

What is the best waterproof paint for a metal roof?

PVDF paint is the best option for waterproofing a metal roof. These low-VOC coatings offer impressive water repellency. PVDF can also retain color and gloss better than traditional water-based coatings.