Breaking Barriers - Black Corrugated Metal Fence Panel In The Warehouse

Breaking Barriers: Celebrating BarrierBoss's Largest Order Since Company Inception

Since we started our small business, we’ve been proud to create high-quality barriers and gates designed to keep homes and businesses safe and looking good. Our goal is to offer our customers the best products and services, with the best customer service around.

And today, we’re celebrating a seriously big milestone in our business—our largest order ever! This order was not just big in size, but it allowed us to offer a customized solution for a very important client. So, what did we do? We sent over 115 corrugated metal fence panels, a giant sliding gate, and custom-sized doors all the way to Texas from our Kelowna headquarters in Canada. 

We’re so excited to share not just how we made it happen or the challenges we faced but how we overcame them. We hope that by sharing our story, you’ll see our dedication to our customers and you firsthand.

Shipping Corrugated Metal Fence Panels to Texas: A Landmark Achievement

This massive order is bound for Texas, straight from Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada, where our headquarters are located. This order was not just big. It was huge.

We shipped 115 panels of sleek black corrugated metal fence, each framed in sturdy, pressure-treated wood. We also provided custom 8x8 pressure-treated QuadGuard panels. For those not in the know, QuadGuard is a special barrier designed to absorb impact, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas or where extra safety might be required.

Adding to the scale of this monumental order was a massive sliding main entry gate measuring 6’ x 22’. This gate was in addition to three smaller gates; two were designed to measure 4’ x 8’, and one was designed to measure 4’ x 6’. Tailored to custom specifications, the main gate was designed to provide security and make a statement.

We’re so proud of this order and for so many reasons. But mostly, we’re proud because this project really shows our growth and commitment to high quality. We want our customers to trust us and to feel great about purchasing our products.

So, it wasn’t t just about the size of the order but the opportunity to push our boundaries with unique customization requirements, innovate, and deliver beyond expectations.

Truck With Large BarrierBoss Order

Order Packed Up... Truck Off To Texas!

Overcoming Challenges: A Testament to Resilience

As a small business, we know that every business owner experiences challenges along the way. However, it is those challenges, especially in the growth phase, that define the type of company you will become. Will you become a business that faces their challenges and finds a way to persevere even in the most difficult of times? Or, will you turn a blind eye, deciding the challenge is too much and not worth it.

At BarrierBoss, we are the boss. But what do we mean by that? It means that we want our customers to bring us challenges. We’re so confident in our products and ability to customize to unique needs that we say, bring it on.

Facing the Request for Product Customization

So, what kind of challenges did we face with this first monumental order? Well, it started with the need for custom-sized corrugated metal panels. Our off-the-shelf options weren’t going to cut it. As such, we had to source materials that could be custom-made to fit the exact dimensions required. Through this process, we needed to ensure that each panel met and exceeded our high standards for quality and durability.

As we set ourselves down the path of this project, we quickly realized our current workspace couldn't accommodate the scale. The solution? Transitioning to a larger facility. This move was significant, not just in terms of space but also in adapting to a new environment while keeping the project on track.

Finding the right materials proved to be another challenge. The project's design and structural requirements meant we needed lumber that was not just any cut or color. After working our way through backorders and vetting multiple suppliers, we finally found the perfect match. 

The process we followed dedicated our commitment to quality and the lengths we're willing to go to ensure it. It paved the way for a process for us to use on future projects as well.

Logistically, the project required big-time adjustments to our process, tools, and workspace. We custom-built fabrication tables to accommodate the large panels and upgraded our forklift to an 8000-lb model with 8' long extensions, ensuring we could move and manage materials safely and efficiently. These logistical tweaks were integral in helping us bring this project plan from concept to reality.

And through it all? Our team had a can-do attitude. From the staff doing the work all the way up to our leadership team, we were committed to creating a great solution for our customers.

Truck Halfway Full With Corrugated Metal Panels

There Were Challenges... But We Overcame Them To Deliver Quality!

BarrierBoss: A Leader in Innovative Fencing Solutions

We had to think outside the box to fulfill the Texas order. It meant some innovative manufacturing, storage, and transportation approaches. The sheer volume and unique specifications of the order demanded we adapt our manufacturing process.

As we shared above, one of the first innovations was customizing our manufacturing setup. Knowing that standard sizes wouldn’t cut it, we adjusted our production lines to accommodate custom-sized panels. Why is this so important? We want our customers to know that the products listed in our catalog are just the beginning. If you need a size or specification not shown, we're more than ready to meet that challenge. Your unique needs allow us to showcase our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.

But it doesn’t stop there. We devised new methods for storing and stacking the panels to manage the increased production efficiently. This maximized space and ensured the panels' integrity during storage. Regarding transportation, we re-engineered our approach to ensure the panels could be delivered safely and economically.

These innovations were not just about meeting the needs of a single order; they were about setting a new standard for what BarrierBoss can achieve. We've shown that we can take it on no matter the project or order requirements.

The Benefits of Choosing BarrierBoss

Choosing BarrierBoss for your corrugated metal fence and gate solutions has many benefits that set us apart from the competition. We have a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction like no other manufacturer out there. 

Corrugated Metal Fence Framed In Pressure Treated Lumber

Corrugated Metal Fence Framed In Pressure Treated Lumber

Here’s how BarrierBoss is different:

  • High-Quality Materials: We use only the best materials in the market, ensuring that every product we deliver is durable, reliable, and meets our high-quality standards. 
  • Competitive Pricing: In general, our customers enjoy some pretty big savings. Let’s take the Texas order as an example. Our customer was able to save 30% thanks to our Canadian (CAD) pricing. So here, the Canadian dollar can work for our U.S. customers.  
  • Exceptional Customer Service: One of the reasons we got into this business was to create a better customer-service experience. We’re not okay with calls being unanswered or with emails being unreturned. We understand the importance of responsiveness and open dialogue with our customers. So, at BarrierBoss, we’ve made customer service a priority. Our team ensures your satisfaction from the initial consultation to the final installation. 
  • Customization Options: We understand that not every project fits into a standard mold. What one customer might need is not always the same as the next. That’s why we offer custom sizes across all our products. This flexibility ensures that your specific needs are met, no matter how unique your requirements may be. 

By choosing BarrierBoss, you're getting more than a product. You’re investing in a solution that's designed to meet your specific needs, backed by our team that cares about your success.

Looking to the Future: New Things to Come at BarrierBoss

Completing our largest order to date is not just a milestone for BarrierBoss. We believe this demonstrates the extent of our potential—a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. This project definitely stretched our capabilities. But it also helped show us what we’re capable of.

As we look to the future, we see this achievement as a stepping stone to greater heights. And the truth is we’re not done evolving; we’re just getting started. We're excited to continue pushing boundaries, enhancing our services, and solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series a few months down the road when we share how this project turned out. And, we’ll share more details about how this experience has prepared us to meet your needs with even greater precision, efficiency, and creativity.

Celebrate With Us and See Why BarrierBoss is Your Manufacturer for Corrugated Metal Fencing

We believe that this accomplishment shows our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It truly represents what we can achieve together, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. We're not just building barriers but breaking them, ensuring every project is a success story.

We invite you to be a part of our story. Whether you need custom-sized fencing, roofing, siding or have a unique project in mind, BarrierBoss is ready to turn your vision into reality. Contact us today, and let's create something extraordinary together.

Corrugated Mela Fence Panel In The Warehouse

Corrugated Metal Fence Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using corrugated metal panels for barriers and gates?

Corrugated metal has become increasingly popular due to its sleek, modern appearance and its ability to withstand some of the harshest elements. Corrugated steel fencing and gates from BarrierBoss are made from high-quality galvanized steel.

Can corrugated metal panels be customized to fit specific dimensions and designs?

You bet! Corrugated steel fence panels can be customized to meet your specific project dimensions. Whether you are seeking panels to fit a unique outdoor space or you are going for a certain look, we’re committed to providing tailored solutions. Our expertise ensures that your custom needs are met with precision and creativity, making us the go-to choice for customized fences and gates.

How do corrugated metal panels compare in cost to other fencing materials?

Corrugated metal fencing is more expensive upfront than wood fencing options. However, it’s important to understand that steel fencing products typically last about 40 years (often more) whereas wood fencing products generally last about 15 years. So, while you might be spending more upfront, you’ll likely save money over time.

Metal fencing is long-lasting, highly durable, and requires little to no maintenance. For these reasons, corrugated metal fencing is more cost-effective than alternative solutions.

Are corrugated metal panels environmentally friendly?

Yes, in fact, BarrierBoss corrugated metal fencing products are considered environmentally preferable products. This is because these products are durable, recyclable, and energy efficient. Further, the reflective properties in metal panels can improve energy efficiency by deflecting sunlight and helping regulate building temperatures when used as a siding or roofing product.

How are corrugated metal fence panels installed and maintained?

Corrugated metal panels are installed using a frame to which they're securely attached, ensuring stability and durability. If you have experience installing fences, you’ll likely find the process pretty straightforward. Further, maintenance is relatively easy, if at all necessary. You only need a mild soap detergent, a bucket of water, and a soft-bristled sponge to clean debris from corrugated metal fencing. 

We suggest professional installation for those wanting to experience the benefits and modern look of corrugated metal fencing. BarrierBoss offers expert fence installation services. Our team is here to provide a seamless, high-quality installation process without hassle.